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This is my “I’m back” pose…this gem was snapped during our trip to Vegas

I bet you thought I had forgotten about this thing, didn’t ya’? Well, no, not exactly…I just took a… well…let’s call it an unofficial hiatus, yes? I offer no real excuses for my absence, at least not any that I think you would buy, so instead of going on and on about why I am perfectly justified in my actions (in some lame attempt to make myself feel better about the whole thing), I will simply say that I wasn’t making it a priority. Understandable or not, I was putting other things in my life ahead of keeping up with my blog and my followers (haha! Followers! Hi family! ). If you read my post about procrastination, this should have come as no surprise! Nonetheless, I am back and I am going to try my best to be better at this whole thing, if for no other reason than to prove to myself that I can do it! Let’s move on, shall we?

I have done a lot over the last three months, but unfortunately none of those things resulted in me making millions or becoming a household name; so, no, I will not be changing the title of my blog anytime soon. I did however, have a lot of fun and create a lot of art with the beautiful people I have been lucky enough to find in my company. I am truly blessed in so many ways and, as this year winds down into a period of time that is excruciatingly slow in our business, I must constantly remind myself of the many wonderful things I DID get accomplished this year.

Unfortunately, I cannot include on that list all of the summer projects I laid out for myself to get done. I had high hopes but, alas, in true Jean fashion, I still have a pile of unfinished projects I need to get to “when I have the time”. Let’s take a look at that original list…

My Summer Projects:

1)      My Eddie & Jean Scrapbook – I started this scrapbook while Eddie and I were dating, hoping to chronicle our time of courtship. I think after almost 4 years of marriage it is time to finish!

Yea…didn’t happen…but I have 6 more pages done that I did at the beginning of summer and I have set to work on it again. Let’s get it done before 2013!

2)      Get prints of our Wedding Photos – This kind of goes along with the first project. I think it is finally time to get some prints of our wedding photos and fill those wedding picture frames that have been lying empty in the closet all this time.

Mission accomplished! Woo hoo for me!

One of several frames now hanging beautifully in my apartment

3)      Make Bedroom Curtains-To be fair, this is a new project for my new apartment, but if I don’t include it on this list I will end up with old sheets hanging on my windows until it’s time to move again! This includes little curtains for the kitchen hutch we turned into bedroom furniture.

Although I did get the curtains done (finally!), it was not without a lot of effort and struggle. I was most shocked at the price of fabric! Will I make my own curtains again? Probably not…just go buy the darn things!

A swatch of the fabric I finally found

4)      Chair Cushions-We bought a second-hand dining room table and chairs when we moved into our first apartment and I remember thinking back then that I should make some chair cushions to cover the scratches and ugly marks on the seats. Clearly this never happened, but now I am using the chairs, without the table, in various places throughout the new place. They need cushions!

My chairs do have cushions now but I did not make them. When you can buy them for $5 at IKEA, why bother making them yourself (see curtain note).

5)      Guitar Pick Earrings-I know this sounds totally random, but I have had a box of guitar picks for many years now (I am afraid to do the math to find out exactly how long) and I have never put them to use. I hardly play the guitar and when I do I don’t use a pick. At one point I tried to give them away! I saw someone a while back with these really cute earrings made out of guitar picks and I thought, “I can totally do that!” And I will.

COMPLETELY forgot about these…anyone want some for Christmas?!

6)      Jar Candles for Outside-I’ve been saving glass jars for months now without a specific project in mind but with the thought that someday I would be really glad I saved all of them! I almost threw them all out with the move but something told me to hold onto them. Now, I’m glad I did because I saw a project online for making outdoor candles using glass jars! Plus, we have a mosquito problem in our new backyard and we plan on spending a lot of time grilling and chilling back there this summer. So, I plan to make them citronella candle jars!

This absolutely happened, and were beautiful, but only slightly helped with the mosquito problem. I was still eaten alive for most of the summer.

7)      T-Shirt Quilt-Eddie has a GAZILLION t-shirts and some of those t-shirts he doesn’t even wear anymore; he just saves them for sentimental value! I have a few also, but the question has always been, “What do we do with all these t-shirts?!” Then I saw this project for a quilt made with old t-shirts and I got excited. Finally, a fun and useful way to hold onto all these memories. But in order to get rid of the garbage bag full of t-shirts under my bed, I have to START and COMPLETE this cool project.

Haven’t even taken the bag out from under the bed ONE TIME!


So I’m 4 for 7. Not bad, but I can do better. I’d like to think that I will be able to check a couple more off my list before the end of the year but we can pretty much count on that NOT happening. But as long as I still have the list, I know what needs to get done, right?

I’m glad to be back and I am looking forward to sharing with you more crazy stories and some of my NEW favorite recipes. Although I was gone, I wasn’t dead. I have been cooking up all kinds of fun new recipes, seeing lots of great places, and baking up a storm. Stay tuned…



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