Consider this blog my love letter to Hollywood. No, not the Hollywood you think you know. Not the Hollywood we see in the movies; all glitz and glamour, fancy cars and big houses, movie stars and champagne parties, and streets paved with golden stars. No, I’m talking about the real Hollywood, through the eyes of someone who lives here. Where everyday people are rushing around, doing their job, and just trying to make a living. Where the occasional celebrity sighting is vastly out-numbered by the homeless and the unstable. Where just taking a turn a few blocks down a different street will take you away from the Hollywood strip and into a run-down neighborhood flooded with loud music and children playing. Where regular people, like you and like me, are living the hustle and striving for that very distant dream.

And, as with any great love story, I will gladly take the highs WITH the lows. I will share stories that give me great joy, some that make me laugh, and probably even those that stress me out or make me mad. Love is unpredictable, especially when you are living in Hollywood, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Loves of my life

My name is Jean and I live in Hollywood in a little one-bedroom apartment with the two loves of my life; my partner in love and life, Eddie, and my sweet puppy, Nina. I have an amazing group of friends who almost always end up at our apartment for dinner and/or drinks. I am an Auntie to my beautiful niece and Tia to four handsome nephews. No, I am not ready for kids of my own! I am an actress and a singer and I currently work multiple jobs in order to support my career.  This is how those of us who pursue a career in the arts are able to survive. But I am not complaining. I am very lucky to be able to do what I do and I live a pretty cool life. If you become a regular reader of my blog you will very quickly come to realize how very “un-cool” I am, despite my best efforts to disguise it. I love to cook. I attempt to play the guitar. I like to crochet, though I am not quite committed. I like puzzles and I play Scrabble (not just on my iPhone). I like to read ACTUAL books! I cry watching Disney movies and Grey’s Anatomy. And I am a coupon shopper. Yes, it’s true. I clip coupons for my grocery shopping. Don’t judge me! This is who I am, what I do, and where I live.

Please enjoy these snapshots of my life!