The view from the top of Beacon Hill

One of the advantages to having a sometimes unpredictable schedule is unexpected days off, like yesterday. I was scheduled to work a job with Cuties Juice sampling product at a Bristol Farms in Westwood. However, upon arriving at the store I was told that there had been a mix up with their ordering and therefore they did not have enough juice for me to sample. All that really means to me is, “No Work!”

So there I was, with an entire Saturday afternoon off! What to do?! There are plenty of things I should do, maybe, but nothing that sounded like any fun. Go to the gym? Oh please, no…there must be a better idea than that! I quickly decided that I wanted to take my puppy out somewhere, to the park or something so that she, too, could reap the benefits of this sudden turn in the day’s events.

My friend Samantha suggested Griffith Park and quickly went about searching for a trail that we could explore together. This was the same girl that just moments before had suggested a spinning class at the gym, so needless to say I was skeptical. Don’t get me wrong, Griffith Park is beautiful and HUGE so I knew there would probably be some cool trails, but it can also be very busy on the weekends and the traffic getting there can be terrible! Although Griffith Park often comes to my mind when trying to think of a fun place to take Nina, I usually disregard it because in my mind I have built it up to be such a hassle!

Despite my usual reservations, Sam found a trail that sounded nice and the three of us headed out to Beacon Hill. Yes, there was a little traffic on Los Feliz Blvd. but it still only took us about 20 minutes to get there from Hollywood and it was TOTALLY worth it! The trail was gorgeous and it turned out to be such a beautiful day.

On the way up to Beacon Hill

The sun was shining and the weather was warm but there was this cool breeze that would sweep past us from time to time keeping us from getting too hot. We used Dan’s Hiking Pages as a guide and with the exception of one wrong turn at the end of the trail everything went perfectly. The views on all sides were incredible, giving us full views of Downtown LA, Glendale, Burbank, Silver Lake, and the Hollywood Hills. There wasn’t a ton of other people or dogs there crowding out the trail and it actually felt like a nice retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. I think we found my new favorite hiking trail!

A quiet getaway

Nina was racing around in all directions trying to scope out all the new and exciting smells all around her. We kept Nina on her leash, obeying the signs at the start of the trail, but mostly because she hasn’t quite learned how to come when she is called and I still worry a little too much about her. But she had a BLAST, prancing around with her tongue hanging down to her knees and her tail wagging all around! We stopped for lots of water breaks (not sure who needed it more, me or Nina) but never for very long before continuing on our way.

Nina, the outdoor puppy!

By the end of our 4 or 5 mile journey, we were all feeling a little tuckered out and ready for a nap (or food, whatever came first). What a lovely Saturday it turned out to be! I was looking forward to another day off today and to exploring a new dog park with Nina but shortly after waking up this morning it started to rain and it hasn’t stopped yet. So instead, I’m writing this blog with my sweet little puppy snuggled up next to me taking a nap. She doesn’t like the rain either!