This one is my favorite!

I have gotten to know the streets around my neighborhood more in the last 5 months than I have in the entire 3 ½ years that we have been living here. This is, of course, because now I have a dog and this dog needs to be walked…often. We have our routes and I like to try and mix them up from day to day in order to keep things interesting (more for me than for the dog). We head north toward Sunset Blvd. or south toward Melrose Ave. On the days we have some extra time we will take a trip to the park or to one of our favorite trails. We really only stay in our “hood” if it is absolutely necessary and we just don’t have the time to travel.

You see, ours is not the best of neighborhoods. It’s a little dirty, a little noisy, a few too many angry dogs barking from behind their fences, and sometimes a few too many colorful characters wandering the streets. Not that I feel completely unsafe, but someone did break into my apartment while we were sleeping and steal my computer.

So we take a walk in order to enjoy our walks. By now, I know the streets that I like and the ones I would like to avoid. I know where to find the quiet little neighborhoods with the cute little houses and neat little yards and the occasional friendly little pup looking for a play date (not that my dog is incredibly social). It is always amazing to me how a distance of less than a mile can make such a huge difference. All of a sudden I find myself in this strange land where I can smell the flowers in bloom or the dew on the grass and enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature. I am actually trying to do a little memory recall of that moment right now as I sit in my apartment writing this blog to the sound of a helicopter hovering overhead.

Another thing one might not notice right away about the difference between these two neighborhoods is the amount of dog poop. I never noticed before. That is until I started taking Nina out regularly to handle her own “business”. The amount of poop I have to navigate around is ridiculous! This kind of thing doesn’t go on in the nice, quiet neighborhoods. The fact that I have to be careful not to step in dog poop WHILE I’m picking up my own dog’s poop is stupid! I would think that it goes without saying, if your dog does its business ANYWHERE you pick it up. We shouldn’t need signs in a person’s yard to tell us that! I mean, who else do you expect to do it? Is there a pooper scooper fairy out there somewhere that I didn’t know about?

Well, clearly there isn’t or if there is she should be fired because there ain’t any kind of clean-up goin’ on in my neighborhood! I just don’t get it and frankly it makes me a little angry! I’m not sure if people just let their dogs run free and do about their business unsupervised or what. I can’t imagine any person could stand there, watch their dog do what they do, and then just walk away. It’s not that hard! Yea, its poop and it’s kind of gross but that dog is your responsibility. And if the person who loves that dog isn’t going to pick up its duty, who is? Grab a plastic bag on the way out of your front door and do us all a favor!

*frustrated sigh*

And that’s why Nina and I walk down to Larchmont for our morning walks.