Beauty Box

When you have hairdressers in the family, you rarely find yourself in need of a good stylist.  I am lucky enough to have 2 fabulous cousins that have taken turns doing my hair for over 10 YEARS (shout-out to Cyndi and Steve at Salon Lujon)! The good thing about getting your hair done by the family is that you can usually score a killer discount, plus you know where they live so there is extra pressure not to mess-up your hair! I personally never had to worry about such things.

Naturally, when I moved from my native OC to my new home in H-wood, I was not ready to give up my trusted hair designers.  In fact, for the first 3 years I lived out here I continued to make the trek back to Fullerton, CA in order to get my hair done.  This usually meant a full day commitment. That may sound crazy to some of you, but any woman can testify to the importance of this relationship in our lives.

But then the day eventually came; the day I needed to think more practically and find a hair salon closer to home. Scary, I know. And not easy when you live in a town where women will pay $30 or more just to have their hair blown dry! I cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars every 2-3 months to get my hair done, I just can’t! The thought of finding a new hair salon and stylist was enough to cause heart palpitations.

Enter the lovely Ashley Garcia and Beauty Box Salon. How we met and know each other is too complicated to explain here, so I will simply say that we met and she told me I should come to her salon.  I did and I love it there! Right in the heart of Echo Park (home to Dodger Stadium), it’s a totally hip, girly-chic style of salon and all the girls there are so sweet and welcoming. I get offered a beverage every time I go! (It’s the little things) When I leave the salon, I feel like a brand new woman! And I usually feel like going out dancing somewhere or maybe just grabbing a drink across the street at the Short Stop just to show off my new locks! Their pricing is also great, much more reasonable than any of the salons in Hollywood proper (although NO ONE can compare to a deep, dark family deal).

After my first visit to BB (photo credit: Nani Ruiz)

I cannot recommend these ladies enough.  I have told all of my friends about them (2 of which currently get their hair done there). Don’t believe me?! Check out their reviews on Yelp! , I am not alone.  Change is hard and I wish I could have stayed with my cousins FOREVER, but the Beauty Box has made this one aspect of change in my life completely manageable and even quite pleasant.

Just a portion of the very cool front desk